This is an Alife line.

An Alife Line is a magical waterfall of memories
created to keep the power of love alive.

Creating an Alife Line for your loved one is easy. Just sign up using your email address or Facebook account.

Share pictures, videos, links and personal messages.

Memories are displayed in two different view modes: the Waterfall mode and the Detail View mode.

Select yor level of privacy: Alife Lines can be public or private.

Alife Line

Then invite family and friends to join this Alife Line, so you can all share memories of the person that you had in common.

Memories are arranged in a reverse chronological order.

Like memories, share them on other social media channels, and leave comments.

Alife Lines also include a special space where followers can express their messages of support, condolence or gratitude.

How to use Alife?

A quick review of Alife main functions

How to use Alife


There is no technology that can replace a hug, but we are convinced of its potential to assist people who have lost a loved one.

Alife puts that technology in your hands, providing an intimate space where you can share your love and memories.

Sadness doesn't have a timetable, it floors us when least expected. Alife understands this, no schedules or restrictions, Alife is there when you need it to share what you want with who you want.

Alife will not sell your personal data. Your memories are yours, and yours only to share with whoever you choose.

At Alife we ​​believe that sharing memories only makes remembering our loved ones more beautiful.

And above all, we believe that true love never dies.